How to use Founder's Kit app


We’ve created a keyword tool that will help your startup find a route to profitability! Startups need to grow, whether you’re bootstrapped or venture backed, in order to sustain yourself as a business you’ll need adequate cashflow that can be used to sustain a team, pay for expenses, and produce new products for your customers.

How to get the app


  1. You need to allow your device to install APK from external sources.
  2. Go to your Android Settings > Privacy
  3. Check the tap for Unknown sources
  4. Download and install the app APK from this link

Download the FoundersKit app by using this link

How to use Founder’s Kit app

Founder’s Kit is the best way to get a campaign estimate for your Marketing budget. You can use the app to select the keywords you want to target. Get the preferred dates for your next marketing campaign.

Here are the steps for you to start using Founder’s Kit app:

Step 1:

Click on the “Get a new campaign estimate” button in the centre.

Step 2

Enter your keywords in the search field and hit done.

Step 3

The details of the added keyword, including impressions, clicks and total cost will be shown.

Step 4

Add multiple keywords and select the one you want to see the details of.