Understanding digital marketing as a first time founder

If you’re a founder of a startup, there’s a method to achieve growth by optimizing your gross margin. The idea is for you to minimize the cost of acquisition and maximize the average lifetime revenue per consumer.

Who this is for

This isn’t only for SaaS startups. You could be a crypto founder, GameFi founder, Gym owner, Martial arts instructor, same principles apply. Our product is also for people working a 9 to 5 and want to get financial independence and increase their income by an order of magnitude.

How to save money and make more revenue

Implementing our app will take you less than a day. In this example we’ll show how you can cut business expenses by $200 a month and increase your business’s revenue by $1000 a month

We’ve designed the safest, most efficient, most effective toolkit for doing just that. Now, there’s a certain order of operations you need to follow to get the best results. This post talks about our mobile app, which should be one of your first steps.

First you’ll need to creae a roadmap for how you will acquire your first 100,000 paying customers. Sign up for our app’s free trial now! (Most companies charge $100 a month for this type of product) You’ll be able to access templates like this below and many more.

You’ll use our mobile application to schedule the most optimal ad campaign based on your search keywords. Link to how to use Founders Kit mobile app.

As angels and investors we have built hundreds of financial models. You treat them like a workout plan - at first you can’t do one pullup, but you practice each day on the Lat machine and eventually you work your way until you can do 1 per day, then 2 per day, then 3 per day. Exact same concept applies to business. You follow the models, and do the exercises until you reach the numbers specified in the Revenue Forecast model.

The model Revenue Forecast is something that thousands of other startups have done - if you think that its extra work… it’s not :slightly_smiling_face:. When you pitch to investors to invest in your company, they will often request this same exact spreadsheet, so you might as well create this now!

Term Definition
Average CPC Also just known as CPC, it standards for Cost Per Click, which is the cost you pay to the advertiser for each unique visitor that clicks on your page
Minimum CPC Minimum price specified by advertiser, the least amount per click you pay in order for your keyword to show ads
Maximum CPC Highest amount you are wiling to pay for a click on your ad

Now let’s bring the two together.

For this example Open up the Founders Kit App (available on iOS, if you use Android send an email to info@ondecentral.com with Subject Android App APK Request)

You’ll now pick out all the green dates for the next 90 days. Then you add up the costs together. To get cost information hit the statistics button

And measure the cost based on the chart. Define a budget for the amount of ad spend and pick only the green dates. Let’s use $30 as an example.

In conclusion: You’re optimal ad budget is

  • Spend $150 in March
  • Spend $360 in April
  • Spend $180 in May

That means with a $2 CPC and assuming a 20% conversion rate you’ll receive

  • 75 clicks in March, 20% * 75 = 15 conversions
  • 180 clicks in April, 20% * 180 = 36 conversions
  • 90 clicks in May, 20% * 90 = 18 conversions

For a martial arts gym in Miami, the average student pays $60 a month - in our example lets say worst case you bill them $45 a month and they stay a member for 10 months. That means even in the worst case scenario your average lifetime revenue per user is $450.

Total conversions = 15 + 36 + 18 = 69
Total revenue gain = 69 * $450 = $31,050

Closing points

Our app helps businesses save money each month. The app gives you insight into which days out of the month are optimal for you to run paid ads. This means you get the absolute best bang for your buck (return on ad spend).

Our app increases revenue. You are able to focus more of your ad spend on days where its the most optimal, instead of spending ads every day. This means with the same budget, you can convert more users using Founders Kit.